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This entire week the cards have been telling us to meditate, spend time alone and to balance. Today, we are starting to see why.

Disruption (card 16) is informing us of situations that might have happened or are about to take place, that will make us feel torn. These situations can shake us to our core and make us resistant to what is trying to take place in our lives. During these periods of disruption we begin to receive enlightenment and clarity, even though it’s in the mist of a lot of pain.

Rainbows (card 28) is the light at the end of this tunnel. Yes, when we are at the middle of the storm we can’t see anything but the destruction it is causing, but is that truly the only thing that is happening? Much like the disruption card, this card speaks to the clarity that comes from the destruction. What have you been holding on to that is not only hurting you, but also all those you love?

Strength is a confirmation from the universe that you are greatly supported. It’s like that song by Lauren Daigle -you say- “you say am strong, when I think I am weak. You say I am heald, when I am falling short.” You don’t have to believe the help is being given to you, but it is there. You are strong and you will come out of this stronger. You will learn the lessons that you needed to and be that much better for it. Have faith, you are being held.

Sending you light and love. Remember that which doesn’t kill you makes you that much stronger. Zaida Velgara

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