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Happy Groundhog Day! Much like the movie, the cards today are repeating the same message as yesterday. Maybe, also like the movie, you haven’t listened to what you really were supposed to learn, so the universe wants to really get the message through.

7 of fire is telling you to have confidence, believe in yourself and stand up for yourself. Use your inner fire to burn down the barriers you have created by fear, worries and doubt. You have the power!

The empress is telling you that it is time to take action. No more sitting on the side lines wishing for your life to change, desiring for people to respect and listen to you. Use your creativity and create new ways to get heard. Burn those fears away, you are powerful, claim your strength.

It is time to be happy, to release the sadness, stress and anxiety. 10 of air it telling you to end the cycles that have put you where you find yourself now. Move forward and let behind what is holding you back.

Don’t focus on the negative and the obstacles that are in front of you. 5 of water is telling you to focus and look for the blessings that are all around you. We all have blessings that happen when we start going in the right direction. Look out for them! Sometimes while we are in the thick of it, all we can focus on is the bad and we lose site of the good. Don’t allow negative thoughts to stop your progress.

You got this, stand your ground and go for your dreams. Don’t forget we have help in the spiritual side, ask for help, they are ready to lend a hand.

Sending you light and love…. Zaida Velgara

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