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Today’s cards have a very somber feel, but they have a positive impact in your life.

The last 3 days we have been getting the message of standing our ground. Today, we feel the heaviness in our hearts from the choices we have made. Heart and loss is that time after we make a choice, in which we wonder if we made the right choice. Over this card there’s the Ace of swords and that is universal confirmation that the choice you have made is the right one. Notice that she wears a sword over her heart, which points downward. The only way she can see the light shining through the clouds is be looking up, based on the Ace of swords. I know that the thought of cutting out some people or situations from your life is heavy, but it will bring positive change.

The other 2 cards, 8 of rods and 10 of rods, show you the positive change it’s making. The 8 of rods tells you how you must keep moving forward. This forward movement can be done by physically moving or mentally swiping right until you are ready to revisit and heal from the situation. I am not a believer of faking happiness when you are not ok. I am a believer of setting aside a situation that is causing you a lot of pain until you are both mentally and physically ready to deal with them.

10 of rods is telling you that this heavy burden will come to an end. This is just a path, a walk, to self discovery. At the end end you get more inner strength and courage. The heavy load of growth is weighing, but necessary.

Don’t allow that this time of sorrow to make you take a step back. You are in the right path. Continue moving forward.

Sending you love and light…. Zaida Velgara

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