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Choose wisey

At times we are faced with difficult decision. Stay, go, buy, sell, love, hate… It becomes difficult to see the right thing to do in the middle of all the noise.

It is easy to allow destiny, the universe or another person to take responsibility for that choice. The heavy weight is lifted and you free yourself of the burden of the choice. The reality is that we truly don’t. We don’t release ourselves from anything . We create an illusion of freedom. We are still tied to the choice and the consequences that come along with the lack of making it. The only thing we changed was who we get to blame.

When we leave things up to fate, the universe, God or others, we chose to no longer be a player. We chose to be a pawn in someone else’s game. We give up our free will and allow our will to be dictated by others.

It’s hard and at times scary to be the one in charge. “Heavy is the head that wears the crown”-unknown- Though the crown might be heavy, that is exactly what we came to do. Evolve, change, improve, lead!! Don’t let fear cause you to believe different and later make you stuck in a situation that keeps you down.

Make the choice. Even is it’s difficult and makes you the bad guy. Your not made to be someone else’s mule. You should not have to carry someone else’s baggage.

I hope this helps you today and every day. Remember, Those that have ears to hear, will hear… till the next time Zaida Velgara

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