Did you sign a good contract?

The harsh reality is that we are living the lives we agreed to. I know, I know, some of us will fight tooth and nail about this statement. For many of us life really sucks, how would we ever agree to live like this. Well, phycology and science backs me up.

In the science of epigenetics, it had been determined that our genetics have very little to do with our physical health. Yes, you heard me, we are not a product of the genetic pool we came from! The research acquired indicates that our environment has a greater affect to our overall health. In other words, you don’t suffer from high blood pressure or obesity because it’s part of your genetics, you turn on the genes of blood pressure and obesity because you continue to live in the same environment as your family. LOL… So our family and traditions are killing us. The awesome news, in this newer science, is that you can switch off the genes too. Isn’t that amazing! To change your health you have to actually make the choice to change your surroundings to activate a different life.

Here’s where we go back to the beginning quote… What contract to you want to sign? Are you willing to put in the energy to make that change?

Now we talked about your health, how about everything else. Well I recently read this book by a quiropractor called Joe Dizpenza called Becoming Supernatural. (Yup, the universe had me read a book that likes to the name of a business I am starting up) So this guy went extra in providing how we attract the live we want due to our thoughts. Mind you, if you attract what you want because of your mind, you can also attract what you don’t want by not checking your mind and knowing what you are broadcasting to the universe. He used all kinds of medical devices to prove that the changes taking place in people’s lives is a result of their thoughts.

What!? That means that not only do you have to put your blood sweat and tears in breaking patterns you have to constantly be mindful of the tape that plays in your mind. This would explain why people with money have no problem making more and people that are broke keep doing that same stuff and being stuck in that loop of lack.

So, there you have it! Do you like the contract you signed? Do you think it’s time to break it up and write a new one? Remember….this is all on you.

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