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Find your soul family…

It is hard, at times, for us to find likeminded people to connect with. One of the biggest things that I have noticed is a need of connection with others that are transitioning. It would make us feel a little less stressed or at least it would make us feel like we are not going crazy. It is wonderful, that there are so many people online that we can connect with, but the need to be part of a physical group helps us come back to our home frequency and feel more like ourselves. To help with this I have decided to start this 30-day workshop. In this workshop I will be incorporating my new transformative energy healing, a guided hypnosis meditation, daily emails with tips to help elevate your frequency and a once a week online meet up with those in the group. Sign up, be part of the soul group and become a magnet of the light to attract the life you know you are meant to be in.

Watch this video and get more information about the workshop. Shine your light and transform the world.

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