photograph of a burning fire

Fire of suffering

Found this today while surfing the net. Thought about these words and how it reflects some of the experiences in my life.

If I am honest with myself, the things that made me suffer the most were things I refused to accept. I refused to see how people you love can hate you and resent you for doing that. I refused to see how the light I see in others does not necessarily reflect the person that they are. I refused to let go of people because of guilt, pride or need. The light was actually the fire caused to burn away things that no longer served me.

What I learned was the important thing. People refused my love because there was no value behind the love I gave. I had to first learn to value and love myself. Others can only love to the extent that they love themselves, that’s not a reflection of me but of them. The light that we are all blessed with is activated by choice and will. Some make a choice to keep it off others lack the will show it off. Both these people are not my responsibility. I am responsible for my light, if it helps inspire others, that awesome. If others are bothered by it, well that’s a them problem. The change that our lives go through is a form of evolution. Everything changes, even people. Some change to come closer to you, others to move away. The fact it keeps happening let’s me know I’m doing something right in my spiritual growth.

When you realize that the fires around you are self created, less fires are formed. Less suffering enters your life. You know when to move forward instead of waiting for the chaos or the pain.

That’s me Thought of the day, hope you liked it. Zaida Velgara

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