January 12, 2021

Today we have the message of confusion. This card indicates you are going through ba period of growth. When your life is in this period there’s a fog around your eyes making you feel really confused.

After the storms come the rainbow. It’s funny how it doesn’t matter how scary and ugly a storm is, as soon as it ends we are able to see the beauty that comes from a rainbow. It tells you that in the mist of your storm you will always get the chance to see the light, you just have to be willing to look up.

Finally, we get the advice. The knight of fire is all about staying focused and forging ahead. When sailors are in the see they know where they need to go based on the starts. They look up and get directions. Though you are in the storm, focusing of the guidance you are receiving from above, you will not get lost.

Change in hard and it causes so much doubt. Know that you are growing and that all this is for your hight good. Sending you love and light….. Zaida Velgara

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