January 3, 2021

Today’s message is coming a bit late. Mostly due to poor timing in my part but I still felt a need that it had to be given.

The Archangel today is Uriel, found in the sun card. The sun is the energy of happiness and optimism. This card is asking you to plan. Plan your week and see the light through the plan. Archangel Uriel is known as the light of God, the one that brings epiphanies. If the week that is coming is creating stress in your mind, plan and requests the light to come and guide you.

The seven of wands is telling you to stand your ground. Keep your eyes on the prize, move towards the light that is being lite for you.

The sun card and the 7 of wands is giving you the direction, guidance and light. You know the path of the light, stand firm in it.

Luck is on your side.

I feel like this combination is one of great expectations for the future. What you are being driven to do will came with the happiness you are waiting for.

Be blessed, I send you light and love… Zaida Velgara

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