Leap of faith

We all have dreams that we are too scared to pursue. Our minds fill with what if’s and we fear the loss of our security.

The reality is that the things we can imagine is a lot worse that what can really happen. We have an amazing ability to create a armageddon in our heads in 10 seconds flat.

If you try, you can create something amazing or not. The thing is, the outcome doesn’t matter, what matters is how it changes you. You start to realize that things aren’t that scary and you start taking more risks. The risk you take help open your mind and expand your vision. You become more amazing with every new thing.

This situation reminds me of a toddler. They explore so much! They sometimes fail and get hurt but their sense of wonder never stops. Because of that ability to explore, toddlers learn so many things that help them for many years to come.

Be that toddler! Explore and try!

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