Manifestation candles

Amongst the many things I do in Becoming I Am, I make candles for different ritual purposes. This one you see here is my manifestation candle.

I can tell you that what I was asking for was big. There was a little internal doubt and extra factors that need to fall in place for it to happen. It took me lighting it 3x for to finally burn down all the way. Every-time I lite it I had yo redeclare my intention and meditate on the candle to make it go.

I am excited to inform that it finally worked and I have been seeing things moving and shaking. This is the aftermath. The soot is only on a third of the candle and becomes clear as it goes down. This is a good sign of clearing the obstacles holding me back. Some of the herbs form an M wish can symbolize part of the obstacle. The burned herbs in the bottom are normal. I just can’t help but have a dirty mind though 🤪🧐🤭🤫😏 when seeing how the wick ended up.

These kinds of candles will be offered shortly at Becoming I Am. That way you too can perform rituals like this one. They are super powerful. Unfortunately, I only make micro batches to assure the energy remains strong on all my products. I say unfortunately because I usually sell them all before being able to post for sale online.

Hope you enjoined this. Till the next time.

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