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Happy Monday! Happy Martin Luther King Jr day!

Today’s message looks pretty clear. Last week was very hard for a lot of us, our castle has fallen apart and we have realized that many things are no longer serving us.

Take the time to see what else is not serving you in this transformation process and let it go. If what is holding you back is your own attitude, actions or patterns then it’s time let it all go. If what doesn’t serve you are people or situations, evaluate a form to release and let it go. You are healing, what else can you do to help in the healing? What else can you do to make you feel whole?

A new phase in your life is coming. A new beginning! Start doing more self care, and aligning yourself to the life you truly desire.

Remember that the first step starts with being truthful about your current situation and knowing what truly does not bring you joy. Know that what might be normal or comfortable, might not be the best option for you.

Sending you love and light….. Zaida Velgara

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