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These cards today have a strong energy of green and yellow. Why is that so important? Green is the color attributed to the heart center and yellow to the inner sun, the energy we pull from to take action. Spirit is asking you today, “What do you truly desire? What action can you take right now to make it happen?

Authority ( card 10) is not speaking of the authority figures around you, but the authority that lies within. You have long been out of balance and it has cause you to doubt the actions you have been talking. This card is telling you of the need to come into balance and regain the power that lies within you. Find your center and everything will fall into place.

Meditation (card 22) is asking you to re-center by spending some time in silence. I know everyone has heard the information about how meditation can greatly improved your overall well-being. I also hear so many tell me how it is impossible for them to sit and stay quiet. Meditation is not something that comes easy, it’s something that requires work. If you are not willing to do the work and change, you will never find balance. You will always feel out of control. Any event, even the smallest one, will throw you into an abyss. When you sit in silence write down the thoughts that keep coming up. When you are done write what is true and what is false in that situation. Write what you can due to help that situation. It is time to ask for help from your SPIRIT GUIDES. This card is telling how much they are trying to help you. It’s time for you to listen.

All of this change will lead you to PROSPERITY. Prosperity can be many thing, financial, emotional, spiritual, it truly depends of your level of evolution. The road to this prosperity is the acceptance of change. Notice how the cards 10 and 22 equal a 5, the universal number of change. (1+0+2+2=5) You are being called to change and it is your choice if that change will be a smooth process or one that will bring a lot of pain. YOUR CHOICE.

Like always, I send you light and love….. Zaida Velgara

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