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So, it seems like the universe has a plan for all of us this week. We are one again being told we need to balance (card 22).

This time around we are not only being told to balance, but with the knight of earth, we are getting a message to start planning. It’s really easy to say, “you need to find more balance in life”, but where to start? We can just reduce hours at work or hide in the bathroom because we don’t want to take care of kids. Planning some time for your “me time” will help make it more doable. Have patience with yourself in this process because it will be a slow one. Your guardian angels are with you, but like always you need to ask to receive.

The image demonstrates a woman on a journey, standing on one side of a scale. She needs to determine what she can release to even out the scales and jump to her limitless possibilities. Truth (card 20) is telling you that it’s time for a reality check. Scan through your day. Is it absolutely your responsibility to take care of all that you do? Is there anything that you can delegate to others? Is it time to create healthy boundaries and feel comfortable enough to say “no”?

As our final card shows an image of a man looking out on his wonderful landscape, we are being reminded that this is why we are doing this. Material and spiritual prosperity (card 6) shows us our hearts desire. The reality is that we all want spiritual and material stability, but we have to be willing to work for it.

Spirit is asking you to work towards your dreams. Every small step will help.

Sending you light and love…. Zaida Velgara

I have made a video on my YouTube channel on a ritual you can perform for the full moon. It’s to clear any stagnant energy found in your home and to set your intention for a new beginning. Click on the button to be taken there. I hope this will help you on your journey.

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