Isn’t it funny that every time we try to get into a new pattern, we make excuses not to do it.

An example of this happened to me this morning. I decided that I would wake up at 6:00am every morning and walk. The alarm went off this morning and… you guessed it, excuses started to run through my mind. I turned off the alarm, turned over and went back to sleep.

I have been receiving all kinds of “subtle” messages that I have to get moving. I keep ignoring them, wishing that the fatigue and body aches will just magically disappear. All of a sudden I hear the line, “excuses are misalignments.” Wow, misalignments?? How, why? Once I decided to ignore the doubts, I started to think of my misalignments.

Yes, it is a misalignment created by many years of hearing that I would always be fat and ugly, both by family and by myself. Misalignments caused by self hate and doubt. Wow, eye opener!

The nice thing about knowing where you are misaligned is that you will know when you need to push past your blocks. I know I need to work and move forward. I know I need to wake up and take that walk. I know that I will not have excuses tomorrow morning.

Where do you have a misalignment? What can you do to move forward?

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