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Protect your energy

As an energy healer, one of the things I feel like I am constantly telling people is to protect their energy. At times I tell them to visualize a shield of protection, other times healing stones or bracelets made with the intention of stopping others from draining them.

The reality is that we all have power within us and based on the work we do determines how strong that power is. If we choose not to believe or to pretend the spiritual realm is not a real thing, we are choosing to be used as a battery. Still, like everything I say…free will is the power of choice. We must choose how we want to play the game of life. Either choosing to be a pawn or a player?

Another extremely important step for spiritual protection is taming the mind. The mind is the in between, the gateway between the spiritual and the physical. Allowing people or things to take space in the mind allows for that thing to take from our energy. Now, this does not mean walking around ignoring the potential dangers, but instead acknowledging its existence and moving on. For example, when driving a see a ball rolls into the middle of the street. Acknowledge the fact it is there and take action to assure no child will run into the street after it. After taking corrective action, move on. Same with people, places and things that would like to tap into our energy. Take corrective action (shielding or wearing protective amulets), stay alert listening to our bodies signs in case action might have to taken, and go about our day like it’s no big deal.

Hope this can help you… love and light Zaida Velgara

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