Ritual Can Help You Cope With Stress

As we become more involved in the current state of the world, it is harder and harder to remain centered and not drawn to stress. Every time you turn on the news or talk to acquaintances, the body begins to tense up, causing aches and pain. With the constant loop of anxiety and stress, systems in the body release hormones that can affect overall health.

It is difficult to think that life as we know it will not be the same. During this time, it is important to find a state of normalcy in mist of so much chaos.  When there is a routine, that we can due habitually, the change around us seems less evident.  Imagine a big fish tank. This fish tank has many different types of fish, plant life and decorations.  For the fish that have made it their home for many years, it is perfect.  A new fish is going to be introduced to this habitat.  What is the first thing that will be done?  We take the new fish and leave it in a bag of the water from the tank it came from, floating on the top of the new tanks water.  Why do we do that?  If the new fish is introduced to that environment, which it has not acclimated to, it could die.  Now imagine you as that fish.  The current state we are living in is the big fish tank, overwhelming and all encompassing.  We are being thrown into this situation causing panic, anxiety, stress, anger and fear. If we have a routine or ritual we do daily, we are now placing ourselves into that bag and allowing ourselves to acclimate.

What is meant by routine or ritual?

The dictionary describes ritual as: a solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order. The dictionary describes routine as: a sequence of actions regularly followed; a fixed program.

The descriptions of both are the same, a sequence of actions that are followed in the same pattern every time. Using these definitions we can formulate a plan to create a daily ritual to maintain equilibrium during difficult moments in our environment and our lives. 

What you need to create a daily ritual or routine?

1.       The desire to make one.  While reading, I hope that an interest will be sparked to want to make a routine/ritual to help you maintain centered and in balance.

2.       A series of easy to do actions that will create the routine.  It has to be easy and you have to feel that you will not be deprived or that it is too much work to do. 

3.       A feeling of connection to something that you feel drawn to.  This could be something spiritual, such as a deity or god, an energy frequency or even you inner higher self.  This source can be found within you or outside of you, whichever the case, it has to be something that brings you peace when you connect to it. 

4.       This step is not necessary, but it is appreciated.  Find a friend or family member you can do this with.  The reason is 2 fold, to have someone you can talk to regarding changes you are experiencing within yourself and to have someone to hold you accountable.  Think of them as exercise buddies, they will help you exercise your insides more than your outside. 

Setting yourself up…

Now you have made your decision.  You are going to sit on your bed every morning to find your inner peace and connect to the energy within.  For the more religious ones around us, we will be sitting every morning on our beds to commune with God, Our Lady, Buddha, Krishna, etc.  How long would not seem like such a bother? You decide 5 minutes would be enough to feel accomplished and it would work in case you wake up late.  Do you want music in the background to focus on? Yes, so you will have your phone or radio set up to have music play.  Remember that you are trying to make it as easy as possible to get this done.  Now, I know that the typical music are smooth beats that fade in the background, do what brings you joy and what will allow you to stay on task.  Pick a day to start and go for it.  If you discover that sitting in your bed doesn’t work because you fall right back to sleep, get up and get ready for your day.  Before you leave your house or start any tasks, sit and try to center for 5 minutes.  If you forget one day, o well, try it again the next day.  You are trying to form a routine/ritual to keep yourself calm in times of stress; change doesn’t just happen overnight, keep at it. 

I hope that this small tid-bit into my mind can open avenues for you to think, grow and expand.  We are all trying to find our way through this life and we have all been put here to help each other in the process.  If you did find value in my work, follow my webpage to continue to receive articles and insights. If you are around the Chicagoland area and are interested in a session with me, click on the link … May our paths cross and when they do, may we both be better for it. Blessed Be.- Zaida Velgara

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