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Seed of suffering

While listening to a book by Thich Nhat Hanh, the above phrase impacted me. How is it possible that anger can be so strong in our lives that it can create suffering?

It continues by talking about how those that are quick to anger have been watering that seed so much that it has overgrown. Now that the plants have overgrown it’s difficult to tame. When I listened to this part I do agree how it may be the root of all suffering.

How many words have we said in anger that later we regret? How many friends have we lost that we now know it’s a misunderstanding? When we can’t cool off the flames, we allow them to burn down everything that we have built.

Have you watered that seed so much, it has overgrown? The first step is to know this is a problem, the next is to make the decision to change. Don’t feel discouraged if you allow the anger to take over, try again the next day. This is a one day at a time thing, as long as you are trying you are winning.

Anger is not evil, at times it’s very necessary. The problem is when it becomes wild and overgrows killing everything around it.

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