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Stop being broke

This though of the day hits really close to home. Being a mom of 4 boys, the testosterone runs high. The line I keep hearing is, “I know, I know, I know.” (Insert eye roll here)

The thing is, if you know everything your not open for growth. You will not allow the knowledge of growth and expansion to enter your life and you will miss out in opportunities.

Have you ever had to train a person at work that is completely ignoring you? When you tell them something the first words out of their mouths are “I know!” Those are usually the co-workers that make the biggest amounts of mistakes and you can tell they actually don’t know what they are doing. The training experience was so bad you don’t even want to help them because “they know!”

So think about this world like a new job. You are learning new experiences that help you level up. In this experience you have access to helpers that may be the people you engage with or spiritual guides. These people, through experience are training you. You are the “I know!” Employee if thought the experiences you refuse to change and keep making the mistakes. Examples of this would be trying to stay in a job you only have problems with or wanting to connect to a person that doesn’t want you.

Learning what you just did, we return to the message of the day. If the universe is directing you in a new path and you listen and trust, you open up to opportunities and abundance comes your way. On the other hand, if you fight the direction that you are being sent in your broke, depressed and stressed. Retuning to the example, the job that sucks, if you decided to leave and listen to guidance it can take you to a better opportunity. The new opportunity allows you to get paid more and try new experiences that lead you to your soulmate. This is how you play the game.

Stop saying “I know” to the world and allow yourself to be open to the changes that will expand your life.

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