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Happy first day of black history month!!!

Today, it’s time to stand up for yourself. Have confidence in yourself and believe that you deserve to be treated well. The 7of fire is all about that. I women holding on to a wand shooting out her internal fire against everything that is coming after her. Allow your internal fire to burn off fear, doubts and worries.

The presence of love will always cast out fear. The love this card refers to is self love. You will stand up for yourself in confidence when you know that you deserve respect and when you know that you love yourself enough to demand it.

Spirit guide is a reminder that you are not just this physical form, but you are also spirit. Your spirit is strong and it wants for you to be strong. Tap into the energy of your spirit to find the strength you need to move forward. This is also a card indicating that you have help from the other side with this next step in your evolution.

You are your savior. Pull in your inner fire and stand up for your truth.

Sending you love and light…. Zaida Velgara

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