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I am seeing that many of you have experienced a moment of deceit. 7 of swords speaks of an experience in which you have discovered things that were hidden to you. The truth weighed very heavy on your heart. (Heart chakra) You are being sent a lot of strength. Your guides want you to know that your inner tiger has been activated. I am not saying that you are not emotional, but with strength, you are able to put your game face on.

I do want to give you a glimpse of hope. 8 of wands speaks of fast upward moved. Your guides want you to focus on what you are trying to create in your life. (Foundation and Achievements) You have to hold strong to your vision of the future. If you focus on it, you will achieve it.

I hope this message finds you when you truly need it. I know it is made with the intention to elevate humanity. I send you love and light… Zaida Velgara

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