Today’s Message

Today’s message is all about self acceptance.

First is the message of I forgive myself. We all have done things that we are not completely proud of, but it doesn’t mean that we have to punish ourselves for it. This life is to learn and to evolve. We do our best and when we learn, we do even better. If we do not forgive ourselves, we will not be willing to accept the blessings the universe has for us.

Release the guilt (#21) and do it for yourself (#41). All aspects of yourself are important, even the ones you might consider flawed. They are what makes you an individual (#11).

These numbers together create a 10, which indicates an end of a cycle. You are not broken you are complete. All the things you have experienced have made you who you are and the universe doesn’t make mistakes.

Sending you light and love…. Zaida Velgara

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