Weekend Card Pull

This weekend is all about peace. We have had a very rough week. Now, as we approach the weekend, the only thing on the mind is peace.

21 Clover release the guilt. This card is telling you that during this time of peace, release the guilt that you have regarding the people and/or the situations you released this week. You needed to take back your power and light the flame within. That process is not easy and does leave behind some remains, but it was you time for change. No one is as fault, including yourself. Just let it take flight and release from you.

22 library take control of your own narrative. You are currently in a process of taking control of the way your life is heading. You no longer feel tied down to people and situations that hold you captive. The cutting of these cords finally bring a feeling of peace. You can stand on your own, you can do it and it’s your time to show the world the real you.

39 raindrops take a chance on them, is speaking to your inner desires. Now that you have found inner peace, now that you released the guilt, now that you can take control, it’s time to give your dreams a chance to bloom. After the rain new life begins. The rain shows us how strong the foundations we have made are. Once the rain passes we see what we must mend and what must be rebuilt. Take this time of peace to evaluate and make plans towards your next steps.

Do it for you, you are worth it.

Sending you light and love…… Zaida Velgara

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