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We start this weekend with the center card. The image depicts a battle warned woman on a boat. The water is dark and her path is unclear as the only light she is seeing is that of a waxing moon. The fire in her heart is strong, the aura around her head is solid and the staff she holds has a guiding start on top. You might be wondering, why I am describing the image. The imagery is relevant to the energy of this week. It has been a hard, straining, transformative week resulting in many revelations and the need to break old habits and pattern. The changes and stress of the week has left you battle warn. Though you are moving forward, the path is unclear. The waxing moon is indicating that you are moving towards a new beginning or a feeling of wholeness. The only thing guiding you through the darkness is your hearts desires, the connection you have with your guides and your strong will. In the middle of great adversity, when we have been hit so hard we can no longer live the same way, clarity befalls us and a desire to move in a new direction becomes strong.

The moon cards are revealing that the conclusions you need are around the corner. You are currently in the middle of a climax, the worst part of the storm. With meditation and contemplation, you will be able to stay calm and find balance to withstand the storm.

The two mantras to help you weather your storm are…

Loss is my reminder that more room has been made for greater gifts to be received.

The value of my life increases each time I appreciate everything in it.

When everything that we hold dear crumbles at our feet it’s difficult to see how we can start over. Where do we start? What should we do? Where do we turn? Panic can overtake us creating desperation and bad decisions. Remember, when something breaks down it is because we have outgrown it. Appreciate what has remained and what you still have to work for. Follow your heart and know that the universe is always looking out for you. Universal help comes in many forms, at times as blessings at others as lessons. Based on how much you learn and evolve, the period of lessons can end allowing for blessing to be revealed.

Breath, meditate and center, the help you need is right around the corner.

Sending you light and love….. Zaida Velgara

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