When life throws you a wrench…

Like many of us during this time, my life has flipped upside down due to the current pandemic.  I had a daily meditation schedule, was working on my manifestation exercises, had a better work/life balance, in other words, my life was finally on the right track.

As I write this I find myself in the middle of a whirl wind.  The house is big enough for all of us to have our own space, but somehow we are all on top of each other.  I get everything taken care of; sit to get some personal work done and something else comes up.  I find myself so exhausted when trying to meditate, that I either fall asleep or can’t focus passed 5 minutes.  It’s no wonder why monks go and isolate themselves; it’s much easier to become centered when you are not constantly being interrupted.  I currently feel like Master Shifu from Kung Fu panda, trying to find my inner peace and constantly being interrupted by someone.

It has taken me over a month to sit and write.  I have actually started to feel absolutely disappointed in myself.  How can I push other to find themselves, to meditate, to visualize and to manifest their reality, if when a wrench is thrown in my life I lose my way?  It is not easy to hold your center and keep grounded when you can physically feel the anxiety, stress and tension of people that are around you.      

When I went to the store for the first time, I found myself worrying about not being able to provide my kids with their needs.  I felt as though I should get extra, just in case I was unable to find it later.  I got out of the store with the biggest tension headache of my life.  How can a simple trip to the store cause so much stress? All of a sudden the only thing I could see, hear or think about was centered on one thing, the pandemic. 

My baby steps to reality…

1.            Finances:   OMG! I know I’m not the only one that was freaking out about how the ends meat was going to be met.  Good news, a lot of things can get fixed with a simple phone call.  I called or emailed all the essential places: mortgage, gas, electric, water, and internet/phone/cable service, credit card companies and made arrangements with all of them.  This part is the number one most important to do because if you feel that you will lose everything you get into survival mode and can’t think.  Don’t believe anything anyone tells you regarding arrangements of payments.  Talk to the actual companies.  Many people give advice based on what they heard and not reality.  Even though you are an essential worker, it’s best to have this part worked out because if you do become sick, you are not afraid of what will happen with everything and are less likely to put yourself and others at risk.

2.            Schedule:  I know!  It’s so easy to go to sleep and wake up late; you don’t have anything to do anyway.  The thing is, if we don’t believe we have a purpose, we become depressed and lethargic.  Work, even though we complain about it all the time, gives us a purpose and a reason to get up look nice and get going.  I had to set a working schedule for school, normal house hold shores and alone time.  It makes the day move faster and gives me a reason to get up in the morning.

3.            Move:  I know that this is a great time to just be lazy and chill.  The problem with not moving is that it will cause you physical pain.  The body is like a big bag of water.  As you move the water moves around allowing all the different parts of you to become hydrated.  When different parts of your body become hydrated, things like food move around and feed every part of you.  If you don’t move the water get stuck and like stagnant water, festers and becomes rotten.  Get up and walk up and down the stairs, dance, run around the house and if you’re fortunate enough to live in a more rural area, get outside and move around. 

4.            Make a sacred space:  Find a place anywhere in your house that you can have some alone time.  It can be a corner of a room with a pillow to sit on.  The point is that this is going to be a place you will escape to when everything is becoming too much.  When you sit there, there will not be any electronics used except for maybe some music that will help you tune everything out.  Breathe deeply, make sure when you do your stomach and your chest go all the way out and in. You are looking to calm yourself.  Start to feel the floor and how your body feels touching that floor.  Feel your connection to the space you are in.  Feel how the air around you is as it touches your skin and allow yourself to release all the tension that you have collected throughout the day.

If you take these steps on one at a time you will feel how the chaos that has entered your life is beginning to become balanced.  This event is showing us that our normal isn’t normal, that we have to change and evolve to live a life that is better for ourselves and everyone that we are connected to.  This is a time for change; to fight and argue because of the fear of the life we are losing is showing us how much we needed this.  It is completely normal to feel the anxiety that this pandemic created, but to be truly mindful and to live a life of inner peace does not mean that you will never be shaken.  To have inner peace means that when you are shaken you will fall into the work that you have done up to now and come out of it shining.

I hope that this small tid-bit into my mind can open avenues for you to think, grow and expand.  We are all trying to find our way through this life and we have all been put here to help each other in the process.  If you did find value in my work, follow my webpage to continue to receive articles and insights. If you are around the Chicagoland area and are interested in a session with me, click on the link … May our paths cross and when they do, may we both be better for it. Blessed Be.- Zaida Velgara

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