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I know that it is said that our lives are predestined. There is a giant book with all the information about you, your experiences, lessons and path and because it is written that’s just how it has to be.

My problem with the concept of having everything previously planned is the fact that it takes away from the us factor. We have a say too and it’s a big say. I started to think how this all makes sense. I came up with what I believe is s better fit to my perception of this whole life thing.

I do believe that we have agreements, contracts and lessons that we have to work out in the times we came back. All the things we experience are in hopes to elevate out consciousness to that of source (God, whatever you believe has us stuck in this ball called Earth). These agreements are blueprints, a sketch on what we hope to accomplish, but never set in stone. After coming to this world we are stuck in a situation in which many of us have different blueprints that at time contradict and overlap. Your job is to get to the final goal will working with and around all these blueprints.

So now we come full circle. Our lives do have an element of destiny, but it also has the ability to change due to the choices we make and the changes we make in our perception while here. On this plane we are evolving and expanding, it is only logical to think that while here we have a “ah ha” moment and adjust our blueprints.

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