Your Faith

Faith is something that, by many peoples standards, is better left un-touched. It has so many underlined meanings that it’s difficult to believe you can transform it into something uniquely yours.

Though you will not hear me speak better about one religion and another, I do believe religion and faith are valid and important in our spiritual alignment. Growing up catholic, I learned so much that help me be the person I am today and so much that created negative patterns I had to break. No religion is 100% perfect nor 100% right, it’s funnelled through an imperfect source that creates distortions. Even though it has its flaws it also has a place for growth and expansion in our lives.

A way to start to expand your “religion” is to hear someone speak and feel how it lights you up. Your truth is always being show to you via chilled, tears, anger and inner knowing. Slowly the more you hear and learn, creates a pathway to your inner knowing and a pattern of behavior. Just by feeling how things affect you allow you to form a new religion. A religion that is tailored to what your soul needs in order to evolve.

You are ever expanding. Don’t limit your faith and don’t limit yourself. Sometimes that you might have felt to be constricting and limiting can actually help you open the door to expansion.

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