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Manifest your perfect life

How to finally make that manifestation thing work….

Have you tried every technique out there and still fall short in that manifestation thing? I mean how long do you have to say, “I am amazing! I deserve this! Everything I want wants me!” and still not see any change.  Well, I was there and to be 100%, still there in some of the things I’ve been trying to manifest.  I’m here to tell you of things that opened my eyes to what has been blocking my manifestations.  I’m going to tell you of a few simple things I did, that finally showed me how to make that manifestation thing finally work. If you take the time and do the work, I can guarantee that you will see magic happen.  Do it for you.

First, let’s hit the nail on the head.  Why do you want to manifest what you are thinking of? I can tell you, most of the time the block you have in your manifestations is your why. I can hear you right know, “What do you mean why?  Cause I’m broke son, that’s why?” Lol, all jokes aside, all of us have basic needs but when we are manifesting you must know why?  The why links your physical self to your spiritual self and allows you to create a lasso that pulls your desires to you. 

The why (here’s an example), let’s say that you have a dream of owning a new BMW.  Why do you want that BMW?  You decide that you want to be recognized, to have others admire you and what you’ve accomplish.  Ok, so you now work doubles and triples to get the down payment of your car. You get the car and because you have so much debt you have to work all the time to pay it off.  No one sees you and no one admires you.  Now you feel depressed because you have the car you wanted but not all the other things that you thought you would obtain with the car.  That is why you need to really know the why.  If you would have taken the time to realize the car was all about your need to be heard or seen, then you could have desired a means to improve your self-confidence. Left it to divine order to bring you different opportunities to help you and later acted on those opportunities.  Suddenly, you build up your confidence which leads to recognition and praise. Now that you didn’t get in so much debt with the car you found friends that helped you get connections and a better paying job.  Now you get the BMW, that you had forgotten you wanted, but its well within your means. 

  1. Take the time to write down your what and why you want it.  Do you have to adjust the what?  Is there a way that you can break down the what into small pieces, so that you don’t become overwhelmed? How can you create the what without sacrificing everything else you need and desire?

Now that you have determined the why and have adjusted you manifestation based on it, time to start with the next step.  Do you think you deserve it? Is this something you truly believe you can obtain?  This step is really important.  I don’t want to tell you how many people say “I want to win the lottery! I want to make a million dollars! I want a great job!”, but if you ask them, they really don’t believe they can do it.  How can you win the lottery if you don’t play? Are you doing anything to get the million dollars or are you sending a million dollars before acquiring it? Have you looked for the new job, are you doing the work to open the door to that job?  Manifestation is not a magic wand.  Actions must be taken to obtain what you want. Believing in your ability to acquire it is key.

Your mind holds all the teaching you have acquired throughout your life.  It forms what is known are your ego.  The ego is there to keep you within the rules of the reality you have been taught you belong in.  YOU HAVE BEEN TAUGHT YOU BELONG IN. That line is super important.  Evolving, growing up, enlightenment is nothing more than seeing the lessons that you have been taught and excepted and re-writing them.  You make your reality, but you first must realize you have that ability.  This step is the one that most people give up in.  Why? This one is the step that requires you to do internal work, to break down your beliefs, to purposefully create a tower moment (refer to the tower card in tarot) in your life.  It helps you see who really is with you and who is trying to keep you in the same dogma of belief that has you stuck.  This is the dark journey into your soul, and it is difficult.  When you hear of people talking about destroying their ego, this is what they mean.  Destroying the role, the mask, the cage you have been placed in and deciding to break free.  Taking a good had look in the mirror and realizing that no one and nothing is stopping you but the role you are playing.  Do you like that person?  If you saw that person in the street, would you want to be like him/her?  What would you say to that person if you had them in front of you?

One of the most important roles of the ego is the ability to block your movement forward until you have evolved your soul enough to obtain it.  Crazy right!  To stop you from getting what you want so you wont mess it up for yourself.  This is like a kid being gifted a pony and told, “Here’s your pony, but you can only look at it. You aren’t ready to ride it. You can get hurt.” I don’t know about you, but I would have been the kid having a tantrum because it’s mine and I want it now.  Another example is that ego is like the boss level in the old school Super Mario Brothers.  You have lost the feeling in your thumbs and have lost sleep because if you turn off the game you lose your place. Just to get to the boss level and die in the first blow. There is a way around this though, a cheat code.  Make your goal easier!  If you cut down the manifestation to baby steps every accomplishment will break down one of the walls of your ego and help you move forward. 

  • Think of what belief systems might be hindering your manifestation? Do you believe you deserve what you are trying to manifest?  Do you think your manifestation is obtainable?

Now it is time to use your IMAGINATION!  This is what is called the law of Assumption.  In the law of assumption, you imagine as if you have already obtained what you want.  You don’t worry about all the obstacles in obtaining your manifestation because you already have it. Why worry?  Imagine yourself in that life.  How does it feel? How do you dress, talk?  Who do you hang out with? Can you feel yourself in that moment?  The law of assumption is possible because of our evolved human brain! Our brains don’t know the difference between something we picture in our minds or something that happened.  Just think of a nightmare, did it really happen?  You wake up holding on to you throat and panting, looking all around it, the nightmare was so real.  The brain can create scenarios that make us believe we are under attack, which later results in anxiety and depression.  If we can create negative thought patterns and make them affect our physical reality, then we must have the ability to do the opposite. 

I understand that with modern technology and years as a grownup can cause a lot of us to lose the ability to create images in our brains.  To help those with this situation there is the creation of the vision board.  The vision board is a series of pictures and images made in a colleague that represent your desired manifestation.  Choose images with no words or people.  The funny thing about the mind is that it takes things literally.  If the images have pictures of people or words, it will try to make that part of your reality.  It would be funny if one day you end up seeing the people in the images with the things you have been trying to manifest.   To solidify the vision, create a script. A series of words or phrases that will stir up strong positive emotions when you read them. One time a day read it while looking at your board. For something to be written in the hard drive of your brain you will have to repeat it for at least 30 days straight. The purpose of this is to have the images so engraved in your brain eventually you will be able to see your vision with your imaginations and later in the physical as you live it. This will help you strengthen your imagination and increase your second sight. The more your second sight develops the easier it will be to pull things from the mental plane to the physical, like a lasso.  Now you can understand why the second step was so important.  What if in your manifestation, because of all the negative baggage you are carrying, you create misery instead of the good life you are working towards.      

  • Can you imagine yourself in that life?  Can you do something to help yourself imagine that life you want?

The next step is knowing if your manifestation only involves you.  It is human nature to want to change things that are not functioning, especially when we have an emotional attachment. When a manifestation involves a second person, you are now going against the law of free will.  The second person might have different aspirations and making that person responsible for your happiness is unfair and wrong.  Depending on how persistent you are and how far you are willing to go to make that person mold into your will, can determine the amount of karmic debt you acquire.  The change you want in your life is 100% your responsibility.  When you place clauses in your manifestations you are creating excuses not to make them happen.  This course of action takes you back to step 2. You will have to delve into the shadow aspects of yourself to determine the why, when, what and how of way of thinking and block.

  • Are you the only one responsible for this manifestation?

Shhhh, keep your manifestation to yourself.  It is well known that you should not let your right hand know what your left hand is doing.  The reason for the secrecy is for your manifestation to unfold without being blocked or morphed by the desires or agendas of others.  It is very difficult to know the true intention of all those who surround you.  People don’t always block you because of hate of jealousy, many block are created due to fear or a desire to keep you close.  If you change, they can lose you, you might not want to be in their lives anymore or what does it say about them.  They will no longer have the excuses they made to remain in the same path. Your manifestation results in change, not only to your existence but to those who surround you.  This change brings up fear, doubt, and worry.  Think of the world as a house with no light.  You walk and knock things over, fall every once in a while, but eventually you adjust and learn to move around in a house with no light.  Your manifestation is a light switch and in making it happen your turn on the lights in the entire house.  Now everyone living in that dark house can see the mess and the things that are broken and ugly.  Wouldn’t you try to do everything in your power to keep the light off.  Darkness, though uncomfortable, is safe and normal.  That is why you should keep that vision to yourself.  You are trying to change the normal. 

  • Keep it to yourself.

If you have done all the previous steps and are still stuck it is time to look into spiritual entanglements.  A spiritual entanglement can come in many forms, usually they are agreements that we have made knowingly or unknowingly with others.  These can have ancestral implications or something as simple as accepting of a gift from the wrong person.  I read once of an old Asian belief in which, to end a disease which has enters your home, you take it to someone else’s house. Simply knock on the door and when they answer, you yell out a list of the disease inflicting your home.  In other words, “who is it?”  “Fever, muscle pain and weakness.”  I know this seems funny, but the reality is that it truly does work that way.  With the creations Jesus, martyrs, saints, and the new age movement we have made it that much easier for people to become the bearers of others karmic debt.  We believe that carrying the weight of someone else’s actions is God like.  Why would God sacrifice one for another?  Are we not all equal in its eyes?  How can you believe that another will change if there are no consequences to their actions? In carrying the weight and responsibility for another’s actions you doom both of you to an endless cycle of karmic debt.  Both will never evolve or become enlightened.  Who cares?  I mean we have to live the moment, right?  What if I tell you that, though you can’t remember, your soul feels like if you are stuck in an endless loop.  Much like the movie “Groundhogs’ Day”.  

Remember when I said everyone is looking for a cheat code.  It was a really hard pill for me to swallow when I discovered that my lord and savior and the depiction of perfection that I had grown up with was the same thing that is making a lot of us get stuck in a Karmic wheel.  This part will be hard for many to accept but as always, I ask for you all to keep an open mind.  I am not one to turn my head to any form of religion or beliefs.  I am a big advocate for them, because I know that these belief systems are one way to the connection to divine guidance.  The problem with all religions and belief systems (yes this includes science and atheism) is the people.  People always corrupt a simple concept using the ego.  They create specific dogmas that help keep people caged and stuck in a karmic wheel.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, the law of duality, the law of opposites, has anyone ever sat and thought about what it means.  Well, what this means is that in your journey to perfect love and perfect peace you are creating your polar opposite.  The universe must create balance and that includes creating hate, envy and destruction to counteract your peace and love.  So, for every Jesus, Mother Teresa and saint there is a devil, terrorist and bringer of the apocalypse.  The way to counter acts the law of opposites, duality and physics is to be balanced within yourself.  To be good and to be bad.  To realize that the world is not full of sunshine and rainbows and if we learn to become balanced, we help balance the world. To not believe in the lower frequencies and “evil” you are creating more of it.

Why are we talking about this when all we wanted to do is manifest?  Well, you must see to be able to effectively fight against or release yourself from the cords holding you back. Manifestation is nothing more than taking back your power.  Knowing that you came from the same stuff that created this universe.  You must make a change and the way to that change is to release yourself from anything that makes you less than the powerful being you are.  To say no to the injustice is to say yes to your power. 

I am an energy healer, hypnotherapist, and tarot reader.  In my walk to discovery, I have seen first-hand how these spiritual entanglements can destroy people.  Not only can people find it difficult to create a beautiful life for themselves, but this could also lead to sterility, drug abuse, mental disorders, and disease.  There are prayers, meditations, music, counselors, and healers that can help in the movement out of these entanglements, but the catalyst must be you.  The will you decide to act upon determines what direction your life will lead and if you need to start this walk all over again.  It’s your choice to release yourself from the cage. Look for people, groups, organizations that help you connect and grow physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Don’t get trapped into one way of doing things, expand your knowledge and learn from many different teachers.  Claim back your power and receive your atonement, balance, justice, and judgement.  That is what manifestation is truly about.  You can choose to take back your power or not, it’s all about free will.  Your actions and choices make up your reality and this is 100% on you.  When you come into balance your will know how to use your creation power to help all through first helping yourself.   

This is my path to manifestation, and I hope this reaches those that must hear it, to change their lives for the better.  As always, keep your eyes, mind and heart open to the change.  Do you! Zaida Velgara from Becoming I Am

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