Mirror, mirror, show me the true me.

Recently, I have been listening to the audio book, A Course in Miracles by Helen Schucman and William T. Thetford, a task that in itself daunting.  While listening to the book I was drawn to a section that had to do with atonement and sharing.  Like a mirror that reflects only what is placed in front of it, you are only able to see people in the same way you see yourself and your beliefs about the world.  It further goes to explain that as long as you see yourself incorrectly you will not be able to see those around you in the right way.  The best way that I can explain this is by having you imagine a fun house mirror, those mirrors that are bent and shaped to distort the things that are reflected on it.  While looking through one of those fun house mirrors, you can appear to look taller, shorter or even fatter.  The mirrors are only reflecting what is in front of it, based on the way it has been molded.  BASED ON THE WAY IT HAS BEEN MOLDED…

What it means to be molded?

It is a very well studies theory, that a personality is developed in the first 7years of a child’s life.  That is why many religions encourage the indoctrination of children into the belief systems early.  This theory also has a lot to do with the reason that it is encouraged to start children in schools at ages as early at 2 or 3.  The earlier you have the minds and attentions of children, the easier it is to mold and change them to do as you say.

According to the theories that have been highly experimented by scientists such as Joe Dispenza, Lynn McTaggart, Penney Pierce, and Bruce H. Lipton, these cause patterns that in turn affect the overall health of person.   The mind, and the program that has been made in that mind, has the ability to create the life that you see.  In fact, it is just like if the mind is a mirror and it reflects outwardly what you think inwardly through your eyes, the mirror to your soul.

So what does this have to do with atonement and sharing?

Part of the reason we are here it to atone for our past mistakes and to learn and grow to become whole.  (Note how I did not say God.  This is not about religion or who’s right and who’s wrong; it’s about becoming whole and finding ourselves no matter what we believe.) The way we can do this is by reshaping the mirror that was molded for us as a child.  We have the potential to shape and mold ourselves to newer and better versions of ourselves, but we have to want to.

The desire for change has to be stronger than the desire for everything to stay the same.  The problem is that most people wait until the life they are living is so comfortable that they know that continuing that way will kill them. Unfortunately, for most of us these desires start when we get diagnosed with serious diseases and/or the life that we have been living leaves us scared.

Let’s reshape that mirror…

We can start making changes to our lives in small steps. Listening to others points of views, without opinins, by seeing that those around you have been indoctrinated just like you, can help open a door to change.  Sitting quietly and listening to ourselves, in other words, meditating can help us determine the programs that we use to make decisions in order to help us know what to change.  Changing the groups you take lunch with or the places you go to start feeling how different environments make you feel.  Find a teacher, learn and continue to find more teachers, I don’t believe it’s good to replace one indoctrination for another, we have free will and a mind for a reason and most of us are more eclectic in our thoughts than most dogmatic groups. 

I hope that this small tid-bit into my mind can open avenues for you to think, grow and expand.  We are all trying to find our way through this life and we have all been put here to help each other in the process.  If you did find value in my work, follow my webpage to continue to receive articles and insights. If you are around the Chicagoland area and are interested in a session with me, click on the link … May our paths cross and when they do, may we both be better for it. Blessed Be.- Zaida Velgara

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