My Survival Guide to Meditation

Lately, I have been reading a lot about the power of meditation.  Medical science is even getting involved, conducting extensive research regarding the effects of meditation on the human body.  After hearing and seeing all about meditation this and meditation, I decided to give it a try.  I had no idea what I was getting involved in. 

What I learned…

1. There is no specific way to position yourself to meditate.

                When you see pictures of people meditating all you see are people sitting cross legged with their eyes closed.  Well cross legged doesn’t work for everyone.  If I sit cross legged for too long I can’t focus on anything but my legs going to sleep.  Meditation can be done siting in a comfortable chair or even lying down, just as long as you can actually meditate and not take a small nap.  There is even something called walking meditation, which as you can imagine, can be done while taking a stroll.  Do what works best for you.

2.  What the hell with clearing your mind?

                If you visit any meditation center you hear someone inevitably say, “Clear your mind. If any thoughts come to your mind don’t focus on them and let them go.” WELL, speaking from personal experience, easy to say hard to do.  The reality is that they are not really telling you that your mind won’t think. Your brain is a muscle that has to be worked with and conditioned.  What would happen to your gut if you let it have all it wants?  After a while you would have some beautiful flabby love handles that you would have to deal with.  Well, the same goes with your brain!  Up to know you have let it do whatever it wants; do you think it will let you know tell it what to do?  Hell NO!  Like your gut your brain will not give up control without a fight.  When the thoughts start to enter your mind PAY ATTENTION!  I actually had a note book where I wrote what came to mind.  Why?  Well these are all programs that your mind has established to make you fall back into the same patterns of thinking and living.  Once you realize the program, when you are living your everyday life you can stop yourself from falling in the same patters.  That’s what makes meditation work; you awaken to the programed you and find ways to change yourself. 

3.  You have to sit still.

                Well, being an energy healer as I am, I like to move the frequencies when I feel that it is becoming stuck in one area.  Meditation is a practice that can be altered to fit all types of lifestyles and bodies.  If you have problems with hyperactivity, get a wobble chair, allow you mind to wonder and release as you lower have is rotating on the chair.  Dance to clear your mind and release tension, then follow it with 5 min sitting on a chair breathing deeply and letting go.  Breathe deeply and make a decision that you will feel peace flowing through you as you are in nature, ground yourself for 5 minutes that walk.  This is your practice, don’t let anyone tell you it has to be done in a specific way.  I have found that because I allowed myself to make meditation my own, now I can sit for 30 minutes to a few hours to find my peace. 


Meditation is not a daunting act that can only be done if you have time to waste sitting for hours at a time.  Meditation is something that should be started as a relaxation process and perfected into a state of mind.  The greatest meditators in the world started with a baby step.  Your baby step can be sitting for 5 minutes and writing down what came to mind in that time.  Try it; see how you can change your life by just keeping your mind shut for a few minutes. 

Try some or one of the things that I listed here, I know that it will change you because it has changed me. 

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As always, I hope you will find the light that help you find your way to your truth.  Zaida Velgara

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