What?! Energy Healing really works!?

There has been numerous studies on the effectiveness of energy healing and prayer intentions. Many studies have shown that there is no real difference between the people receiving healing intention and those that have not. So why write an article about this?

Recently, in my intent to learn more about what I do and to solidify within myself the belief that I am making a difference, I have been doing a lot of research on energy healing. Personally, I have seen how energy healing has affected me and the clients in which I have seen, but is it just a placebo affect? Is a placebo affect actually energy healing? In my search I fell upon a video on Amazon Prime “The healing field: Exploring Energy and consciousness expanded edition,”( ) that open my eyes and gave me points of refence as to the research being preform right as you read. Using modern science, these researcher are able to actually measure the changes between recipient and giver.

I have recently finished a book that is performing a world wide reasearch study on the power of intention. (The intention experiment: using your thoughts to change your life and the world By: Lynne McTaggart These types of studies are awesome! Why are they so important? This type of study not only opens our eyes to the possibilities of the human mind but also shows us where some of the research fell short rendering inconclusive results. All research is subjective and can be interpreted in the way that best suits the recharger, but one thing is for certain, we have the potential to tap into different realms and can use that ability to better ourselves and others. We are made by the creator of all and in being part of that creator we carry the potential to heal, create and restore.

All in all, I truly believe that because we have been given free will, unless the acceptance of restoration is present, healing and balance can not be achieved. We have to accept the energy from the healer and allow the that energy to move and restore our body to balance. When we start to doubt that we deserve to receive the healing, doubt the healer, or doubt the experience we close ourselves to change. Every person is there own world but the worlds are connected by fields of energy.

Below I have included some links to help start your journey into energy healing.

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