Most self-help information out there informs us of how we must think positive and see ourselves happy to create that in our lives. Reading things like that we think “this is cake”, we decide to sit and think and think and think of all the happiest times in our lives, trying to feel them in our bodies and hoping that it will cause happiness to explode in our lives. After a few days of the same happy thought video playing over and over in our brains we feel…the same.  Frustrating, isn’t it!  Now we’re sitting there thinking, what we did wrong, why it isn’t working, how we suck so bad for not being able to do it right.  But do we really suck? Are we really just not hitting the mark or are we just doing that whole positive thinking thing wrong.

Why is it not working?

Just like how it says in the title, “You can’t see the end of the movie if you keep hitting replay.”  Positive or negative experiences in our lives are events that happen and are meant to learn, grow, and evolve from but are not meant to stay stagnant in our minds for years.  We do learn from the experiences and it gives us something to draw on when we are faced with hard patches in our lives, but they are not meant to fester and rot.  That is what happens though, like a flower that wilts, dies, then begin to rot, so do events rot when not allowed to flow out.  What does this rotting process cause?  It causes regrets, bitterness, yearning for things of the past, anxieties, OCD and depressions.  How could something so simple as a memory cause such bad things to take place?  When the thoughts are negative and we focus on the negativity our body begins to get used to that feeling, it’s the new normal, if that feeling is no longer felt something is missing.  (for more information regarding this visit the article of feeling becoming emotional crack.  Energy must flow, if it does not it causes that surplus of energy to become destructive.  

OK, so we know now that past thoughts and feeling can cause stagnation and doesn’t actually have positive affects in our lives, but does the whole positive thinking concept work?  Yes, positive thinking does work, visualizing does work, manifestation does work, but you have to do it the right way

3 things that most everyone would like to manifest in their lives are love, money and happiness. To make this explanation more understanding we will focus on money.  We are trying to manifest money in our lives because we are broke and have a crap load of bills to pay.  Now what?

1.            Know what you want

                How can you make that money if you don’t know exactly what it is that you want? What do you want the money for? How much do you need?

2.            Be positive

                This one is funny because in the case of money if you are up to your ears in bills how can you be happy.  Well instead of saying “I want money to pay off all my bills” think more along the lines of “I want to feel free and financially abundant.” I see myself with the money I need to feel that freedom”

3.            See it

                When I say see it, I don’t mean see a pile of 100’s in your hands.  I mean see yourself writing that check you need and that sense of happiness when the tightness of your chest is gone.  Feel that “OMG HALLELUJAH,” feeling that makes you laugh and cry at the same time. Cry, laugh, yell, dance, truly experience that joy.

4.            Stop worrying about it

                Ok, from all these things, this one is the hardest to do.  I don’t really want to sound preachy, but you “gotta have faith”.  You didn’t get into the hot mess in a second; you’re probably not going to get out of it that way too.  Keep seeing yourself where you want to be and you start becoming that magnet to what you desire.  It’s like they say “You can get more bees with honey than you can with sh**!” Be that honey and remember if you call off the horse just get back on.  This is a new lesson you are learning and it takes a while for you to have it memorized so it’s just you.

Keep looking forward, so that the happy events that manifest in your life are not the rarity but the reality.  Don’t allow one event, to be the only thing that defines you.  See the end of the movie.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article.  If you liked it, follow my webpage to receive more articles like this one and to find out of new events that are happening in Becoming I Am.  If you are in the Elgin area and would like to experience a new and innovated approach to healing please visit the service tag on my site. Continue growing and expanding your mind.  Zaida Velgara

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